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Curious Beach Mysteries

Blue Medusa
Blue Medusa

Curious Beach Mysteries Book 1

Stella Fox doesn't want the inheritance, she wants to find out who murdered her uncle.

When Stella inherits her Uncle Beau's food truck and a bungalow on Curious Beach, she is shocked to find that the locals aren't investigating his murder. Stella is a mess in social situations so she enlists the help of her new neighbor, the extrovert Charlie. Charlie happens to be an unlicensed and not entirely competent private investigator.


Soon Stella finds that the folks of Curious Beach are more friendly, quirky, and deadly than she ever could have guessed.

Dead Parrot
Dead Parrot

Curious Beach Mysteries Book 2

After eluding the FBI for decades, finally The Parrot is dead... or is he?

When Stella and Charlie find a dead body in the apartment next to the detective agency, the FBI is so happy to have one of their most wanted fugitives on ice (literally) that they don’t care too much how he got that way. The local law enforcement says to leave it alone, but Stella suspects that things are not what they seem.


If the body they found in that freezer is The Parrot, who put him there? If it isn’t The Parrot… well, that’s a whole different set of questions that need answers.


And Stella Fox never gives up the hunt until the puzzle is solved.

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