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Save Curious Beach
Okay, that was a bit over-dramatic.

Folks, Blue Medusa is on Amazon and the Curious Beach Mysteries series is off and running. There’s a big “but” though…

I can’t afford big expensive promotions just yet and the way Amazon is set up, no one besides us will evarrrr know it exists unless the books get a lotttt lot LOT of reviews.

So I am asking, nay — BEGGING — for a favor. Review Blue Medusa, pretty please.

AND I want to give you Book 2 for FREE.

Book 1 launched with just ONE review. I appreciate that one review with all of my big, loving puppy dog heart. I really do.

But Book 2 is going to need at least twenty-five (25!) reviews on the first day it comes out (December 29). That way, Amazon’s mysterious algorithms will think I’m hot stuff and promote my books all over the place.

The more people that find my books and fall in love with Stella and Charlie, the more books I get to write about Stella and Charlie. And I REALLY want to keep writing about Stella and Charlie.

If you’re willing to review a free Advance Review Copy of Book 2, head over to http://mailinglist.curiousbeach.com and check the ARC box to be added to my ARC group.

Thank you for your support. It means everything to me.

Stay Curious,

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